Space for Learning

Exterior of the Clore Education Suite at the Great North Museum, Newcastle, with adjacent outdoor area. Photo Andrew Haslam, Great North Museum: Hancock

Checklist: Covid-19

General – organisations

  • Have you read, and do you refer regularly to, the HM Government advice pertinent to your organisation? (see Workforce & Government guidance sections)
  • Have you considered getting the Visit Britain Good to Go kitemark for your site or service?
  • Have you considered your Covid-19 interventions in relation to your organisation’s environmental policy – how green are your proposed solutions?

General – freelancers

  • Have you updated your Risk Assessments to be Covid Secure?
  • Have you asked any employer(s) for their enhanced Risk Assessments around Covid-19 – including any new templates you may need to complete?
  • Have you asked what guidelines are in place to inform activity planning and delivery (e.g. does the organisation have a stance on whether/what PPE or face coverings are mandatory, and whether you may need to provide your own)?
  • Are you aware of and have agreed any changes in your employers’ freelancer cancellation policies?
  • Are you aware of any additional Health & Safety measures that may be in place for you to comply with – and those already in place to protect you?
  • Does your public liability insurance cover you for risks related to Covid-19?

Workforce safety and wellbeing

  • Have you added Covid-19 to your current learning service Risk Assessment?
  • If relevant have you added Covid-19 to your online safeguarding policy and offsite working policy?
  • Have you completed an access and inclusion audit to ensure all your Covid-19 interventions are compliant, and updated your policies accordingly? (See Adapting – your processes & Your audiences sections)
  • Have you consulted your workforce, including freelancers, casual staff and volunteers, on your plans – and communicated them clearly?
  • Have you considered what new training may be needed for your workforce, and the cost/resource/timing implications?
  • What is your freelancer cancellation policy in the context of Covid-19 and have you made your freelancers aware?

Adapting – your buildings and learning spaces

  • Have you made plans to reconfigure learning spaces (layout, furniture, etc.) to fulfil social distancing?
  • Have you audited your furniture, fixtures and fittings to look for any Covid Secure additions, adjustments or solutions?
  • Have you reconsidered your signage to ensure that visitors will move through your site in a safe, socially distanced way?
  • Have you consulted – and as regularly as may be appropriate – your building manager/operations team?
  • Have you considered in particular issues of ventilation?

See the Adapting – your buildings and learning spaces section.

Adapting – your processes

  • Have you considered how and when learning service visitors will enter your site, while maintaining social distancing?
  • Have you considered use of toilets/lunchroom facilities for each group visiting in terms of both social distancing and hygiene?
  • Have you implemented a cleaning policy/schedule for learning spaces, fixtures and fittings?
  • Have you consulted the appropriate colleagues or experts about mitigating the impact of any cleaning and sanitising products on collections and interior fixtures and fittings? 

See the Adapting – your processes section.


  • Have you considered the specific learning and access needs of identified groups in your Covid-19 planning?
  • Have you considered how any paperwork for visits can be transferred to online channels?
  • Have you considered making an orientation video for audiences, so it’s clear what to expect when they arrive?
  • Have you thought about joining with other local venues to ensure your communications about Covid-19 are consistent?

See the Your audiences section.

Delivering activities

  • Have you thought about what outdoor spaces you have available on or around your site, and what opportunities they may represent in taking activities outside?
  • Do any outdoor spaces you may use require additional Risk Assessment, safeguarding and Health & Safety considerations??
  • Can you programme workshops so that practitioners work with as few different groups, and in as few different spaces, as possible – including reducing group sizes in line with HM Government guidance?
  • Have you considered how you will ensure there is sufficient space for the facilitator and participants to practise social distancing from each other or between bubbles and the facilitator – including adapting activities to reduce physical contact?
  • Have you considered if additional measures such as face coverings can or should be deployed if you can only keep the 1m+ distance between facilitator and participant bubbles?
  • Have you provided cleaning/sanitising stations to ensure participants wash their hands or use hand sanitiser upon entry and exit?
  • Can you avoid or reduce the shared use of objects, resources or props and ensure that any which are used are cleaned in between groups (and/or quarantined for 72 hours between uses)?
  • Will you have interactives in your galleries, and if so, have you considered how will you manage the risks associated with any touch-based interactives?
  • Have you considered issues of supervised object handling or art-based activities?
  • Are you offering blended learning?

See the Delivering activities section.